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Horses Offer So Much More

Horses offer so much more than just riding and horsemanship skills. With the help of horses people can learn about themselves and overcome weaknesses. Special needs children can become more confident and learn how to relax and interact with others. Those with physical, mental health or behavioral disorders learn to cope and communicate with words or body language.

Horses offer so much more than equestrian know how.
Horses offer so much more

 Children with ADHD, autism,  and Tourettes syndrome, or conditions from neuro-trauma, accidents and disease improve, or recover from setbacks. Military veterans with post-traumatic stress (PTSD) are able to lower their anxieties and to function again. Even those who do not have any of the before mentioned conditions and challenges benefit greatly from being around and caring for horses.  Men and women form strong friendships and family members enjoy the time spent bonding while doing something meaningful with the horse. Those who horseback ride can work toward certain goals while those who do not ride enjoy the simple pleasures of being out in the fresh air walking, talking and watching the horses.


Build Your Business with Horses

A hobby can be turned into a  business when it is conducted with the intention to make money–as a matter of fact, there can be BIG money in horses, whether from a small barn, mid-size facility or large operation or a one man (woman) or ten men (women) team… it is possible to create and run a successful equine business! The horses are out there.

The American Horse Council has determined, that the horse industry is a very large and important part of the American economy on a national, state and local level. There are horses everywhere and horse owners are looking for services.

horses number
number of horses in USA

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New Year Site Clean-Up

As we ring in a new year you should make a website review your new year’s resolution. It’s like cleaning out the closet. Make sure it covers all your hottest topics and goals for 2014. Know what’s working and remove what is not. Create more engagement with your site visitors and have a compelling call to action (your “click here” button, or “order now”).

NO website is timeless!

If you don’t get the visitors you think you should, consider outside factors like search engine technology that may have changed. Hire a search engine optimization (SEO) guru to assist you. Then, have a few friends review your site for critique. Only when they say, it can’t get any better than that you can sit back and relax for a minute.

new year website


End of Year Website Check

Within a few days it’s a new year. If you already have a website live on the Internet then perhaps you might wish to update it.  When doing so, check for outdated information, update all dates, which also includes your copyright line at the bottom of each page and check for errors and typos.  Here is the golden rule:

Don’t damage your brand and lose money by taking a lax approach to figures, spelling and grammar.

Your website is your online business card. Your business card represents YOU and your voice on the Internet. Missed website typos may spell lost business. They might easily escape you, but chances are prospective customers will spot them! Check out the below image. Did you notice the  typos that would eat away at our legitimacy? There are two.

Your website is your online busineness card.
Spot 2 typos that would eat away at our credibility.
Here is a great article:

Christmas Greetings 2013

We are enjoying the Advent season! Advent is a four-week season leading into the Christian celebration of the arrival of Jesus Christ, in whom Christians believe God to have taken human form to live on earth, even suffering by the hand of men to prove God’s love and promise that death is not the end of human existence.

Christmas 2013 greetings.
Christmas lies just ahead!
Rosie Binsfield
Rosie Binsfield deer