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Trail Horse Rider Website

trail horse riders
Trail horse riding in Massachusetts

We developed the Trail Horse Rider website, dedicated to all trail horse riders, whether just starting the journey with a very first horse or reaping the rewards of years of experience on well ridden horses and trails. Well illustrated with horse care and riding photos, it features my own experiences and views about riding safety, responsible horsemanship, tack, horse boarding, barn safety, equine first aid and how to safely navigate the trails. You can see it at

Masconette Farm Website

Masconette Farm, East Longmeadow, MA
Masconette Farm sign

We updated an existing website created by KLU Design belonging to John Ferrero of Masconette Farm, a horse boarding and training facility in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. We organized the pages, optimized content and images to better describe the facility’s services to potential customers. You can see it at

Domnarski Farm Blog

We created an easy to maintain blog for the Domnarski Farm horse boarding facility in Ware, Massachusetts for Matt and Lisa Domnarski. It serves as their farm’s billboard on the Internet.
You can see it at

blog about winter ride
Riding over the hills and across small creeks kept me quite warm. The real adventure happened when we encountered a fallen tree where we needed to work our way around.