End of Year Website Check

Within a few days it’s a new year. If you already have a website live on the Internet then perhaps you might wish to update it.  When doing so, check for outdated information, update all dates, which also includes your copyright line at the bottom of each page and check for errors and typos.  Here is the golden rule:

Don’t damage your brand and lose money by taking a lax approach to figures, spelling and grammar.

Your website is your online business card. Your business card represents YOU and your voice on the Internet. Missed website typos may spell lost business. They might easily escape you, but chances are prospective customers will spot them! Check out the below image. Did you notice the  typos that would eat away at our legitimacy? There are two.

Your website is your online busineness card.
Spot 2 typos that would eat away at our credibility.
Here is a great article:


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