Hunter with Conner on iPad Pro

Treasured Moments Enhanced with Hi- Technology Pad

The latest Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil technology unlocks possibilities that change the way you view and share pictures and photos you love! It has built-in features, e.g. the Retina display front- and rear-facing camera, and sophisticated apps are designed to bring out the best of your photos and turn them into treasured moments to keep forever. The following photo has been digitally edited and enhanced for a client’s facebook page.

Hunter with Connor
Hunter with Connor

She writes about the young rider and horse: “This is Hunter, a miracle preemie child, who is THE most loving, caring boy you’ll ever meet. He feeds the horses daily and has to hug each one. He is riding Connor, an off track Standardbred horse. His registered name is ConSealed.

Hunter Conner original
Original photo needed more “umph”.
 “He is the absolute kindest, most versatile horse I’ve ever met. Trail rides anywhere, cross trained for English/Western Dressage, competes in Combined Driving. We’re interested in more therapeutic work with him for Rides for Heroes Veteran program. Connors sleigh pictures have been widely published and he’s a poster boy for OTT Stb’s. He can sit for months and children can get on and he never puts a foot wrong. He watches over our therapeutic miniature horses.” ~ Rita Douville Bellinger

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